Enterprise Password Management

Secure, rotate and control access to privileged service passwords

Your development and ops teams have access to the organizations most critical and sensitive systems. Without constant vigilance and controls to proactively manage and secure these credentials it's easy for this information to be shared with an unauthorized person.

Given the complexity in managing service passwords across the infrastructure of an entire enterprise it's common for those "unauthorized persons" to include former employees. Who may have inadvertently saved the information on a personal device, which is now well outside the regular security review process of your company.

Don't risk a data breach and permanent system damage because of your inability to complete a comprehensive audit.

Voltos is an enterprise password management solution that is designed to secure, control, and rotate access credentials for your businesses' most important service information. It fits seamlessly into modern application development workflows and provide a fast way for your team to bootstrap their local development environment. While also providing full auditing and accountability controls for your production infrastructure.

The built-in compliance reporting allows enterprises of all sizes to demonstrate which people and servers within the organization had access to any service at a given time. And the traffic light dashboard provides immediate assessment of areas which at at risk of breaching compliance requirements.

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